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Improving your web presence isn’t just a one time thing, it’s continuous, small contributions to improvement that make the real difference. In part 3 of our 10 minute takeaway series aiming to help YOU improve your web presence by 1000% I walk you through claiming or creating your LinkedIn company page. This boost is completely FREE, so take 10 minutes to boost your web presence right now...

Quick Start Guide for Linkeding Free Company Pages for UK Manufacturers

Reminder - Why You Should Claim Your LinkedIn Page - Other Than The Obvious!

Ok, so this series is all about boosting your visibility online, that benefit is obvious, but there are more reasons…

Quite often, when a company page is automatically generated by Linkedin, it can be a “best fit”. This means, quite often, key information on the company page can actually be misleading or incorrect. LinkedIn wouldn’t like us saying it, but it’s true, they’re not perfect!

Categorisation of company capabilities are also quite wide ranging and not all that applicable for manufacturing companies, it’s very easy for your business category to mislead viewers of your profile. All the more reason to take control and make sure your profile accurately reflects your business!

Claiming Your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn can occasionally be quite a difficult website to navigate when it comes to the business features (much like Facebook), so I’ll provide links where I can. To get you started, you need to add a company page.

Step 1: Find "Create" Page Button

From the top menu, if you hover over “Interests” the drop down menu will appear. Select “Companies” and on the right hand side of the page you will see a big yellow button saying “Create” as shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to go straight to the Add New Company Page you can also just click here

Linkedin Create Page

Step 2: Fill In Company Name & Email

Whether you clicked on “Create” or the link I provided, you should now be on the add company page as shown in the screenshot below.

Linkedin Add A Page

This reveals a key part of the process and some pre-requisites. As I’ve already noted, it’s okay if LinkedIn has already generated a page for you, they will search existing pages and suggest potential matches.

The “Your email address at company” field is important. To prevent anyone from just claiming your company page, LinkedIn has put in some restrictions. Your email address can’t be just a “Gmail” or “Outlook” account, it needs to be an email address that’s connected to your company’s website domain. Simply, that means if your website is, your email address need to be “something”

Other Requirements For Claiming A Page...

There are a bunch of other requirements for someone to be able to claim a company page, most of them are pretty straightforward requirements. The main 3, aside from the domain and email requirement I mentioned above are;

  • You must hold a current position in the company whose page you’re trying to claim
  • Your personal profile must be more than 50% complete
  • You must have several connections (apparently a minimum of 10)

Step 3: Confirm Company Email

Once you click “Continue” you’ll be sent an email and be directed to the page shown in the screenshot below.

LinkedIn Confirm Page

Step 4: Write Your Company Description...

It becomes quite simple and straightforward from this point. Fill in your company information starting with your company description. Remember to include the following:

  • Highlight your Core Capabilities and your Supplementary Capabilities.
  • Identify which industries you typically work within
  • Give an overview of materials you typically work with
  • Note any limitations on size or weight of components you can process
  • Provide an idea of typical volumes of production you can handle
  • Outline which software packages you use and which file formats you prefer

Step 5: Fill In & Select Company Basic Info

Basic company information is on the right of the page, shown in the screenshot below. It’s pretty easy to fill out, there’s no real advice to be given here, other than make sure you select an appropriate “Main Company Industry”.

Edit Linkedin Profile Description

Step 6: Include Your Core Services As "Specialities"

The company specialities section, shown in the screenshot below, is also another great opportunity for you to hit home your Core Manufacturing Capabilities. You get 20 slots to fill in your “Specialities” or capabilities, so you may even get a few of your supplementary Capabilities in there too.

Edit Linkedin Profile Specialities

Logo And Banner Image

There’s still obviously the Logo and the banner image to take care of, these things can always be a sticky subject, so here are the sizes you need:

  • Company Page Banner Image - 646 x 220 px (min)
  • Company Page Logo Image - 300 x 300 px (min) or 400 x 400 px (optimum)

If you’re wondering how the heck you can get your images to the right “Pixel” size or “px” the simple fix is to head over to It’s a free graphic design tool that anyone can use! Just upload your images and resize accordingly.

Then Click….PUBLISH!

Once you’ve filled in your company profile, simply click “Publish” and your company page will be live. Congratulations, you just boosted your web presence and gained yourself another valuable backlink to your company website!

Coming up in our “10 Minute Takeaway” Series

  • How to create a Facebook Page and Place for your business in less than 15 minutes
  • How to claim and set up your Bing Business Page in less than 15 minutes
  • How to claim and set up you free Yell listing in less than 15 minutes
  • How to list your business in loads of places online for free
  • And a bunch of other 10 minute takeaways!

I hope you got a lot of value out of this guide, and I hope this will inspire a bout of LinkedIn Company Pages to be claimed by the community of Subcontract Manufacturing Companies in the UK! There are so many dormant and inaccurate company pages out there, it means you can get the jump on your competitors simply by claiming your page!. Take 15 minutes today and boost your web presence instantly with this 10 minute takeaway from us at Manufacturing Network.

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